Things not to do in Las Vegas

Things not to do in Las Vegas

“Oh, you’re going to Vegas? You must see this…you have to see that; don’t forget to stop by…and try the new….” It makes you wonder sometimes whether it’s better to tell people you’ve been to Vegas after the fact – that way you don’t have the pressure to see sites/shows/games other people may have found “life-changing” (Same is true, by the way, for vacation travel in general).

One of the great things about taking your favorite Vegas-style games with you on your mobile (whether Android or iPhone), is that its confinement to a small, portable device gives you plenty of options and flexibility, yet at the same time prevents you from doing incredibly silly stuff.

Remember the adage “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?” well, some things are not even meant to happen in Vegas – or anywhere else, for that matter:

For example, Vegas hotels are decorated by elaborated displays. The moat of Treasure Island, for instance: It looks mighty tempting to jump in there for a nightly swim (especially when after you’ve had a little too much to drink). Going for a swim in there or any other casino waterway is a sure way of landing in the nearest police station.

Know how to ‘speak’ the Vegas language: Did you know that asking for ‘the finest champagne’ can get you an escort service…? So if you’re in Vegas and order bubbly – make sure you stress the point.

Playing the three-card Monte: even among well-known scams this one has a place of honor. Played on the streets, it’s impossible to win at this game.  Don’t be fooled by the people actually ‘winning’ the game – they’re most likely in on the scam…and since it’s considered an illegal activity, you could get arrested right along with the operators – so maybe you will have better luck playing in the cell, right…?

Card counting: while technically legal, whatever you do, don’t bring any electronic devices to ‘assist you.’ You will most certainly get banned and blacklisted from not only the casino you were playing at, but pretty much the whole lot of them.

‘Yo-ho-ho-and a bottle of rum! But not before a massage…’

Just that: There’s nothing like a long, good, relaxing massage, but if you are, shall we say, ‘intoxicated’ prior to the treatment, the massage will most likely end up with you throwing up.

Partying all night before a morning/noon flight: Hangover + crowded airport + packed flight = ‘don’t say I didn’t warn you…’ showing up ‘loaded’ at the airport (insert pilot joke here) may possibly ban you from the flight altogether.

Assumption­ – suspend that world from your Vegas lexicon. Never assume in Vegas anything! Especially when it comes to drinks included (or not) in your dinners.  

“STOP! In the name of…not getting fine of nearly $400 for running a ‘stop’ sign. Gamble in the casinos, not on the road…

Bring your own money beforehand – Local ATMs have a healthy surcharge appetite. It’s not your job to feed them.

Like the first mate of the Titanic may have said to his Captain, this is the tip of the iceberg…don’t let your vacation sink. Be prepared. However, until your next trip, isn’t it nice to know that with Dragonplay you’ve got all the Vegas-style excitement right in the palm of your hand?