Take Your Face for a Spin…

Imagine walking into Trump’s Plaza, nudging an old lady who’s taken control of entire row of slots and telling her, image“pssst! You see that person with the groovy hairdo on the 2nd reel? That’s me!”

Well, guess what – now you can! Introducing Dragonplay’s new Slot of Fame – where you are the star!

What is the Slot of Fame?

Slot of Fame is an exciting, fun slot that’s just like any other 15 pay-line slot with the maximum coins allowed for each player.

With one big exception – you get to have your face on it! This very unique slots displays the Facebook images of the top 15 players of Slot City of that week.

To earn a spot in the Slot of Fame, log into Slot City. Play any type of game to climb the rankings.

Follow the fame board to find out where you are and play accordingly. At the end of the week, the top fifteen players will get their images on the Slot of Fame!

So, bring your game face and see if you can get on the Slot of Fame!

The Slot of Fame is open to all players regardless of their rank.