Slotzilla – The world’s largest slot machine

“That’s not raindrops – that’s beer”

Slotzilla – The world’s largest slot machine

Why play a slot machine when you can fly from it?

Some people dream of climbing the Everest. Others fantasize about crossing the Rocky Mountains. However, if you’re one of those people whose unlikely lifelong ambition was to climb up a gigantic slot machine – good news! In Las Vegas, you’ll be able to make it happen…

Human imagination, or lack thereof, has no limit, it seems. Apparently playing for hours on end, dining, lavish shows, high-stakes game rooms, fashionable clubs, classy shopping malls and excursions to the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon simply doesn’t cut anymore for Vegas in 2013.

‘Will all passengers kindly fasten their harnesses and assume a superhero position…’

Over 100 feet high (equal to about 11 stories) the Slotzilla will literally zip thrill-seeking folk 1,700 ft. along the famous Freemont Street, at a cool 35 mph. For those less inclined for such heights, a second, lower tier will be available at ‘only’ 70 feet.

Have no fear: the towering Slotzilla platform itself will include a moving slot arm; the reels will indeed spin, and when it hits the jackpot…well, I’m not going to spoil any surprises, eh? All in all, you get the feeling this is a horror movie in the making…

Ideas such as this make you wonder how Bugsy Siegel would react: Would he approve – or simply ‘shoot it down’…?