…One Poker hand…(sq)washes the other: Poker Hand Nicknames

Did you know that in Poker, there are hundreds of nicknames for each card or pairs of cards? Here are a few nicknames for pairs and the reasoning behind each particular nickname:

Anthony & Cleopatra – this pair shared the initials of the ancient lovers – Queen Cleopatra & Marc Anthony.

Rocket Queen – The Ace resembles a rocket and is paired with a Queen.

Mrs. Slick – The King’s missus (sounds like Big Slick – A/K pair).


Ajax – it sounds like the cleaning product.

Armani Jeans – same initials as the fashionable clothing line.

Blackjack – A/J is the highest possible hand in Blackjack.


Bookends – 10 being the first part of the highest straight and A being the last.


Gimp – a weak pair compared to any other pair with an Ace/Face card.


Dead Man’s Hand – Famouse lawman “Wild Bill Hickok held this hand at the time of his murder; Also – the holder of this pair is considered “dead” in the game.


Slapshot – 7 looks like a hockey stick and the Ace serves as the “bullet” (hockey puck).


Mile High Club – Six sounds like “sex” and the Ace is associated with airlines; Therefore, the nicknames refers to sex on an airplane (AKA, being a member of the Mile High Club).


High Five – High card being an Ace + Five which refers to the common greeting.



Plane Crash – a pair of A/4 resembles in shape to double Aces – A/A, but one of the “wings” is missing.


Ashtray – Ace Trey sounds like Ash-trey.

Baskin-Robbins – Ace/Three (1/3) refers to Baskin-Robbins famous 31 flavors of Ice Cream.


Hunting Season – Aces are “bullets” and twos are “ducks” – combine the two to get Hunting Season.

Acey-Deucy – refers to a game of the same name.