“Oh, by the way…I won!”

Many years ago, I read in a newspaper a story about a man who went to play at the casino. After playing for some time, he decided to take a break. On his way outside, he literally stumbled upon a $1 coin. Thinking, “what the heck?” he took that coin and used it to play one round at a progressive jackpot Slot Machine. The result? He won over $7,000,000. Seven million dollars…all because he decided he needed some fresh air. If that isn’t a lucky break – what is…? All I got when walking out of a casino was, at best, chewing gum on my shoe.

Every once in a while you’ll open a newspaper (or, more often than not, a webpage) and read about person X who won Y amount of money by buying a lottery ticket at the last minute or playing the slot machine because they were waiting to be picked up or won the jackpot because it was raining outside, they walked into the store and bought a scratch card. Funny it doesn’t happen to us mortals, eh…?

Just the other day there was a story about a person who won twice on the same day (!). On the one hand you say, “good for her!” on the other hand, you swear under your breath: “That lucky b…”

How about the person who bought 13- thirteen lottery tickets, all with the same numbers – and they all won! How is that possible…!? As Charlie Brown would say, “good grief…”

Then there’s the story about the one who walked into a store, bought a few tickets and said to the store clerk, “you can stop selling lottery tickets – I just bought the winning ticket.” Sure enough… (Just shows you what positive thinking can do…)

Or how about the person who had the urge for a cup of coffee and a granola bar, and used the change to buy a lottery ticket. Boom! He’s $37,000,000 richer. That’s some change…

And then there’s the person who stopped on the way to work to buy a scratch card. Just before going in the office, she discovers she won over $150,000! Isn’t the dream of many of us to walk into the office one day and say, “good morning boss…I quit – here, coffee’s on me…ta-da!”

And of course, the crème de la crème – those few who play the lottery or at the casino for the very first time and go laughing all the way to the bank after one game, while us gaming “veterans” are left by the wayside.

Sometimes fortune comes when you least expect it…