Men vs. Women

He played…she played…

Ok, Ok, so the lines between male and female abilities have been blurred a bit in recent years, but it’s interesting nonetheless to find out if there have been any changes when it comes to gaming.

Just like when it comes to driving (we won’t go there), men and women have different approaches when it comes to gaming. It’s not whether one gender players better than the other – it’s just that their approach is different.

According to a study, men prefer table games, as psychologically they have a subconscious need to dominate their rivals and win in a battle of wits and skill in card games like poker and blackjack. Men are also more drawn to games that satisfy their need for a thrill such as high stakes roulette, craps and baccarat. Women on the other view gaming it as a way to be entertained while interacting and connecting with people who share similar interests. Therefore, women are attracted to games such as slots, bingo and lottery which requires less attention to detail than other skill based casino games, making them the perfect social game.

Men usually walk into a gaming establishment with an “all-in” mentality (even if they don’t necessarily show it). Men play for the win, the big dough, the glamor of taking down the house, or at least a good chunk of its income.  Lightning quiz: how many female high rollers, or ‘whales’ have you heard? even if they exist, the fact that you have not heard of them speaks volumes.

Also, when guys play, there are some basic things you’ll find missing, such as: a smile, less talking while the aggression level is cranked up considerably. When it comes to wins – and losses – well, wins will cause male to strut like peacocks, in an “I own the world” manner, even if all they won is $500 on Video Poker, or a comped dinner at “La Imbecile.”

Losses? First of all me will continue playing with false bravado, confident of recouping any losses quickly. When that hope dissolves in drizzle of free cocktails, they become morose, slouching around as if the entire world has turned against them, or at least the dealer has a personal agenda against them. A snide remark to a dealer here, a rebuke against the floor manager there, an “accidental” fist at a slot machine there, are not out the question. Women, on the other hand, tend to accept losses as part of the game and as such, bounce fast quicker.

So for men, gaming is usually a mano-a-mano encounter with either the croupier, dealer or even the slot machine.  They scowl, flash a macho grin (which freezes when the dealer gets a 21) and may order a brand of liquor they haven’t tasted in years just to look in vogue. Oh, and let’s not forget the shirt with missing button at the top.

Women, on the other hand, are perceived to view gaming as more of a social thing. They come to play less to win money but more to hang out and socialize, let loose and have fun.  After all, that’s what gaming is about – having fun, no…?