How to organize your ultimate poker night


Who of us who’ve played poker hasn’t dreamed of hosting his own poker night?
Most poker lovers have seen the movies (chances are more than once) and thought; man, I wish I could host a game: Rounders, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Boiler Room, Maverick, The Cincinnati Kid…

So, where do you begin and do you go about setting up a poker game that’s fun, exciting and which you can invite all your poker buddies?

Poker night ingredients

  1. A Place

Obviously, you need somewhere to hold the game. Can’t be UTG under the local bridge, can we…? A homey atmosphere is always great for poker.

  1. Date & Time

This is the tough part, almost as though as trying to see if your friend is bluffing on the river: trying to get all your friends to agree on one fixed date. Make sure you choose a date that’s not a holiday, nor does it fall on a big sporting night.  It will be hard, trying to fit it into everyone’s schedule. Once you have everyone’s opinion,stick to the set date – otherwise you’re headed for a tailspin. Friday evenings are usually perfect for poker night, because they allow everyone to wind down after work and since no one has to go to the office the next day, the game can last longer.

  1. Participants

What kind of game are you looking for: the rowdy, yee-haw, ‘chips flying off the table’ type of crowd? Or the poker-loving friends just looking for a beer, a good game of poker with some chatter in between…? It’s your choice. Also, don’t invite more friends than you can handle: up to a full table seems about right.

  1. Accessories & amenities

Make sure you have everything ready for a great night of poker. You certainly don’t need a professional poker table – even a kitchen table will do…

It’s always a good idea to have a TV around. An Internet connection/Wi-Fi connection is quite recommended…make sure you got yourself covered with a comfortable sofa, with plenty of leg room.

  1. Food

The fun part: what snacks do you enjoy while playing poker? Potato chips or nachos with a variety of your favorite dips; peanuts or pretzels; fresh bread and pastrami or any other food item that you enjoy with the flop! Ice cream and other treats is always a good idea –either to celebrate a runner on the river or down the sorrow of being beaten by a donk…be sure to be well stocked on your favorite beverage as well.

  1. Etiquette

It’s one thing to have the guys playing, drinking, eating, laughing, and having fun, but it’s important to know how everyone, including you, should behave during poker night.

  1. Don’t leave the table after winning

There is just so many times you can gloat “who’s the man!?” every time you have a winning hand. Lady Luck is a fickle being, especially at poker, and sooner or later you’ll get to see the backside of her in the form of an untimely bad beat. On the other hand, when you’re on a roll it’s tempting to simply call it a day and walk away. However, since you’re not playing here for the WSOP No-Limit Hold’em championship, the more socially acceptable way (aka “nicer”) to finish up would be to play a few more hands, just to give your friends the chance at winning back a little. Not all – just a little…

  1. Don’t “take out the trash” at the table

We all talk the talk at the poker table. However, sometimes things may get a bit too heated, especially after a tough hand or big pot, or someone has climbed up on the tilt ladder, then it may be time to stop. Also, don’t be a sore loser. You lost some of your bankroll? Take it like a man. What goes around, comes around…

As you can see, setting up a poker night isn’t exactly pulling up the tents for thousands of players in Las Vegas; all it takes is good organizational skills. And when all is said and done, you’re friends are all set, when poker night finally arrives and you have everything set up and laid out…

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