How to make the most playing slots

When we play slots, we always look to make the experience last longer. Just like amusement parks, where we go on again and again on rollercoasters and other hair-raising rides.

The vast selection of games in Slot City gives you an authentic Vegas-style experience, right in the palm of your hand – quite literally! Fun and easy, and there’s nothing like seeing the reels line up just the way you want them! There’s no dress code, no particular need to study deep strategy books or guides. On the other hand, unlike other games, occasionally you just get “caught up in the action,” play too fast and might find end up saying to yourself, “wait a minute: did I just play? It went by so fast!”

Here are some ideas that might help you make your time at Slot city last longer…

“Eeeny-meeny-miney-mo, to which slot machine should I go?”

Even if you have a preferred game, try mixing it up a little. If you found your “niche” slot and it’s always the first one you always go to, go for slots with different themes every now and then.  As you play, you’ll unlock more and more games. In time, you’ll have enough of a variety to play a new slot every day for almost a month!

‘I’m the king of the word! Make that the continent…well, I’m at the top of Slot City!’

It’s always more fun to play – any game – with friends. Want to make your slot playing more exciting? Challenge your friends to see who can climb to the top of the leaderboard and get your face on the Slot of Fame! Chat and share your achievements with your playing buddies with the in-app messaging tool.

 “I’ll have a pastrami sandwich, potato chips, soda and coins.”  It’s always good to have a snack around or something to drink between spins. A few bites between spins can draw out the experience, even make it more relaxing. Plus, when you have something ready at your side, you don’t need to pause and “start looking for something.”

 “Call me Lawrence of Slot-abia,”
Feeling a dry spell coming up? Try to: a) take a break or b) move to a different game. Trying to a new game sometimes can help “jumpstart” your roll.  Lower your denomination bets, until you feel you’re back “on a roll.”

“Can the pilot wait a sec? I almost made the Slot of Fame…”

Playing slots is perfect when you’re on the road (as long as you’re not driving, of course), on the rail or in a terminal out there. But precisely because it’s so fun to play, especially when competing and chatting with friends, losing track of time can be easy, so better set a reminder that will keep you on the track..!