From the Las Vegas story to resident evil : Sin city & the movies part II

Just because a film is set in Vegas doesn’t necessarily mean it will center on gambling. Take 2012, for example, where the city is completely destroyed before you can say “blackjack.” Or Corvette Summer, where the hero loses his customized car, finds works at a Vegas gas station; hooks up with a “prostitute in training” (whatever that means) and discovers that his favorite high school teacher (!) had stolen the car. On the other hand, with Dragonplay’s Android, iPhone and Facebook app, you can easily concentrate on all the Vegas type thrills and spills at home or on the go, without needless distractions.

How to win the girl: make a gangster movie together – then get married

Of course, if you’re going to be a major part of building Sin City, you’ll eventually get a movie of your own. And what better compliment than to have Warren Beatty play you?

Bugsy tells the story of Benjamin “bugsy” Siegel, your average mobster, and his affair with actress Virginia Hill. Needless to say, the affair didn’t end very well for both of them: one ended up riddled with bullets and the other (apparently) committed suicide.

Film facts:

After working on this film, stars Warren Beatty and Annette Bening were married. They met several years earlier when she auditioned for another Beatty film.Harvey Keitel, who plays Gangster Mickey Cohen in this film, played Siegel himself in a 1974 TV movie, Virginia Hill.

Honey, our baby is trampling all over Vegas

–     ‘Adam…don’t eat us!’

Ah, the joys of watching baby growing up…even if he is zapped by a laser machine and grows to be nearly 100 ft. tall.

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid shows us what happens when a careless parent allows his toddler to get in the way of a sophisticated “growing” machine. But who wouldn’t want to watch their toddler stamp up and down Fremont street, ripping out a guitar from a Hard Rock Café sign and jamming like he’s Axel Rose…? And with all the bright and colorful lights, it’s easy to see how this 100+ft. toddler would think it’s a play land (which it is – only for adults).

–       ‘Elvises, light your fires’

For those who are so impatient to start with their “happily ever after” routine,” Las Vegas offers a plethora of opportunities of getting married in less time than a drive-through hamburger order.

Honeymoon in Vegas teaches us 3 important things: never swear on death beds, never trust wealthy, professional gamblers at poker tables, especially when they gawk at your fiancée…and men? Don’t go cheap on weddings. In Vegas?  Really?

Film Facts:

–     The character ‘Little Elvis’ was played by 5 year-old Bruno Mars.

–     Actor James Caan, who plays the whale, had already appeared in one major Vegas film before – The Gambler in 1974


‘In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all

Imagine a movie called “garage,” or “Bus Station,” “Supermarket,” “Bakery,” or “DMV: the IMAX experience.” How about “mom & pop store: the movie?” Doesn’t sound too exciting…

But with a name like “Casino” you can’t really go wrong – especially if a) you got Robert De Niro as the lead actor b) Martin Scorsese as the director and c) it’s based on a true story.

It’s always good to see a Scorsese film, where you can find lines like, ‘Maybe if I stick your head through that window over there you’ll get unconfused.’

Did you know that…

–     The film is based on the career of former casino boss Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal

–     Sharon Stone’s gold & white beaded gown in the film weighed approx. 45 pounds.

–    Casino was filmed entirely in Las Vegas. Authentic casino interior scenes were shot between 1:00am – 4:00am so as not to disturb the real gamblers…

–    In the film Goodfellas, actor Joe Pesci played a character named Tommy DeVito. Oddly, this is the same name as the actor who plays a crooked poker dealer…

–    When James Woods heard that Martin Scorsese wanted him for the movie, he called and left the following message: “Any time, any place, any fee.” Remember, you can find all the excitement of Vegas right in the palm of your hand via your Android or iPhone Dragonplay app, or via Facebook. Choose Slot City, Blackjack or Live Hold’em and get all Vegas fun when you’re on the go!