So you’re about to play your favorite game – slots. Perfect! No matter where you play, Slot machines are unmistakable, ubiquitous, the star attraction of the Vegas gaming world. Then you enter the lobby. Not a sound. The place is quiet as a mouse. Silent as a grave. What gives…?

That would be the scene if one would take away all the sound effects from slot machines. After all, slot machines are one of the most popular Vegas-style games if not the most popular game. It’s fun, colorful, there’s plenty of variety, and there’s no deep-set strategy to weigh on your mind while you play, taking out all the fun…

But if you take away the sounds and the effects, what would you end up with…? No music, no jingling, no cheerful noise…just maybe the dog barking in the yard or (if you’re in a hotel) the sound of a cleaner working a vacuum cleaner. Pretty exciting…NOT!

Since the advent of slot machines at the turn of the 20th century, players have been rewarded with a ringing bell every time they have a winning combination. As time, and machines, progressed, sounds were added to the game itself, not just the result. Today’s multi-lined slot machines may contain hundreds of sound effects! And of course, each and every slot machine, done properly, has its own unique “spin…” when it comes to sound and effects.

Open Slot City and click on Alien City or Roman Empire. What would be the effect hearing the sound of aliens in a setting of togas, golden fountains and harps…

Enter Ancient Egypt and you’ll be immediately swept back in time by the haunting, sometimes ominous tracks that you hear from the moment you step into the room. Or should I say, pyramid…? However, change the music track to the theme fromMermaid Treasure or even play some Beatles in the background…it’s just not the same.

Visit Paris Night and you’ll enjoy the vibe of a Parisian accordion player; play Big in Japan and when you suddenly hear the sounds of Gangsters, it’s a bit like scratching fingernails on a blackboard…switch off sound entirely and you still enjoy the game. Switch the sound back on, and see the difference!

A lot of thought and work goes into embedding each game with the appropriate sounds or music that would create a fun, exciting atmosphere for that particular slot. Whatever your choice is, make sure you have your speakers – or headphones – on, to enjoy the complete slot machine experience!

Experience the sights and sounds of Slot City: bit.ly/16Bx5nV