Slot City Ranking

Slots leveling:

Each slot has a minimum rank needed in order to unlock it



Experience is gained for every spin played.
The amount of experience received for each game depends on the amount risked



When you play DragonPlay Slots, you gain experience points for every game you play – and an extra bonus for each win.
The more experience you earn, the higher your rank will be and the higher your daily bonus will increase.
* High stakes tables and tournaments increase your experience.


Daily Rank Bonuses

There are three types of bonuses you receive:


Daily Bonus:
    Every day you visit and play DragonPlay Slots, you will receive a bonus of 300 Gold Coins.
Friend Bonus:
    For every friend you bring to DragonPlay Slots, you will receive 50 Gold Coins. * Up to 50 friends. .
Rank Bonus:
    As you play more and climb the ranks, your rank bonus will increase. For example, when you rank is 5 the bonus will be 500 Gold Coins.