Slot City How To Play


Getting started

First set your desired bet by pressing ‘Coins’ and ‘Lines’, then press ‘Spin’ to spin the wheels or tap on the reels area.


  • ‘Lines’ – Select the desired number of playing lines for the next spin.
  • ‘Coins’ – Select the number of coins played on each line.
  • ‘Spin’- Starts spinning the wheels.
  • ‘Bet Max’- Sets the bet of coins and pay lines to the maximum and starts the spinning.
  • ‘Settings’- View or change a variety of game options such as sounds and music.
  • ‘Payout’- view all winning possibilities in the payout table.
  • ‘Buy’- Allow quick access to the purchase page.
  • ‘Free Spin’- Starts the wheels spinning with out any cost, while in the game free spins runs automatically.
  • Pressing ‘Menu’ on your device will call up a variety of options including player statistics and the game payout possibilities.

Rules and Payouts

Each slot can have different payout tables and different rules for winning combinations and special bonuses.

Slot of Fame – How to Join

To qualify for the Slot of Fame, you need:

  • a Facebook account
  • a Facebook image
  • Facebook Connect

Play any of the slots at DragonPlay Slots to increase your experience and ranking
Check the Slot of Fame leaderboard to find out your current position


About the Slot of Fame:

  • Slot of Fame is a standard 15 pay-line slot with the maximum coins allowed for each player.
  • Slot of Fame displays the previous week’s top 15 players
  • The player’s Facebook profile images replace the regular slot icons.
  • Each profile image will display the original slot icon in the top-left corner.
  • The Slot of Fame is open to all players regardless of their rank.
  • Players will be able to view their position in the current week’s competition and the previous week’s top 25 players.

The Fame Board

  • This Week – the list will be updated periodically and display the top 25 players of this week. Top 15 players are used as icons for the Slot of Fame.
  • Previous Week – the list is static displaying the top 25 players of the previous week.