Live Holdem FAQ

Do you support languages other than English?

No. We currently provide Customer Support in English only.

Where can I view my profile and its status?

Your profile window is located at the top right of the screen when you login to the game and summarizes your profile’s info & status.  In addition, you may tap on your screen name at any point while playing on a table to view your profile data & status.

Ranking – How does it work?

Please check our ranking system heree.

Where can I see the player statuses available?

Tap on your profile’s button, on the top right corner of the Lobby screen, and a popup window will display our Status Map.

Sit & Go Tournaments and Shootout Tournaments

Tournaments are a great way to win a large amount of Chips in a reasonably short amount of time.

Here’s how it goes:

A tournament takes place at a single table. Once the table is fully seated, the game begins. Each player pays a non refundable entry fee and receives a fixed amount of Chips to play with. The game begins and continues until one player wins the tournament and takes the prize money.

A Sit & Go tournament is a single level tournament, where the winner takes the grand prize.

A Shootout Tournament is built in a pyramid format, in which each winner of a table receives a pass ticket to the higher level, where he competes against other winners from other tournament tables in the previous level. A player has the option to “skip” levels and buy a ticket to the 2nd or 3rd round of Shootout Tournament with a certain amount of Diamonds*. The winner of the final level takes the grand prize.
* See explanation about Diamonds below.

How do I get a crown and my name listed in the Tournament Winners hall of fame?

A crown is rewarded after winning all three rounds of the Shootout Tournaments and the icon will show on your game avatar for one week. The same thing goes for the Tournament Winners hall of fame, where your name will appear on the top of the list until another player overcomes your grand awesomeness.

What are Diamonds and how do I use them?

Diamonds are a new game currency, which allow players to buy premium gifts and tickets to the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the Shootout Tournaments. Unlike Chips, Diamonds cannot be won.

How can I change my nickname?

Your screen name can be changed at any time through the ‘Settings’ button found in the lower left corner of the main menu.

How can I change my profile picture?

You can change your photo anytime by taping the ‘Help & Settings’ button on the top of your Android screen and choosing ‘Profile image’. Then, simply pick the avatar you would like to use and press the ‘Set image’ button at the bottom.

Another option is to use your Facebook profile picture by tapping on the ‘Facebook Connect’ button and entering your Facebook account details. Tap on ‘Set image’ in order to complete the process. Please note that an account linked to Facebook can only use the Facebook profile image as an Avatar image.

Can I upload my own picture?

This feature is currently not supported. However, you can use your own profile image by connecting your Facebook account to your game account, via ‘Facebook connect’.

How can I add buddies and play with them?

Adding buddies can be done while playing online. When you are playing and seated, simply tap on the player you wish to add, and when his profile pops up on the screen choose ‘Add Buddy’.

You can manage your buddy list by tapping on the ‘PLAY NOW’ option from the main menu and choosing the ‘My buddies’ option. You can use the tabs to switch between viewing your complete buddy list, pending buddy requests and online buddies. If a buddy is seated at a table, you will see a ‘Join’ button by their name. Just tap it to play with them.

How can I get more in-game Chips and Diamonds?

There are numerous ways to get more in-game Chips and Diamonds:

  • * Your daily bonus
  • * Adding friends (50 chips per friends – limit 50 friends)
  • * Rank bonus
  • * Logging into your account via Facebook.

You can also purchase in-game Chips and Diamonds for real money by tapping on the ‘Get chips’ or ‘Get diamonds’ buttons from the main menu, then simply tap on the amount of Chips/ Diamonds you wish to buy and continue to process the transaction according to the instructions.

How can I buy virtual goods?

You can buy virtual goods for players while playing online. While you are playing (i.e joined a table and taken a seat), simply tap on the player you would like to send a drink to, and once his profile pops up on the screen just tap on the image of the virtual good of your choice.

When buying drinks for a buddy in Live Hold’em, the balance is deducted from your Game Credits balance. Your Game Credits balance can be from playing, or earning Game Credits which are completely free, while you can buy extra Game Credits through the ’Get Chips’/ ‘Get Diamonds’ options in the main menu. Certain premium virtual goods can only be bought with Diamonds.

Where can I find my Chips and Diamond balance?

You can view your Chips balance by looking at the top right of the screen when you login to the game; there you will see your profile information. In that profile window you can see your name, rank and number of Game Credits.

Abusive Behavior Complaint

As we encourage creating a top notch community of players, we will not tolerate threatening or offending other members. We will make sure that this player will not repeat his behavior. If you are harassed again by him or any other community member, please let us know at [email protected] and we will gladly investigate this further.

How can I get the game on my Android device?

If you want to play from an Android based cell phone, simply go to ‘Android Market’ > ‘Games’ > ‘Cards & Casino’ > ‘Live Hold’em Pro (by Dragonplay), then press the ‘Install’ button and follow the instructions.

How can I get the game on my iOS (Apple) device?

If you want to play from an iOS based device, simply go to ‘App Store’ > ‘Games’ > ‘Cards & Casino’ > ‘Live Hold’em Pro (by Dragonplay), then press the ‘Install’ button and follow the instructions.

I can’t find the game on Google market

Press the ‘Search’ option, which is located in the main screen of Android Market.
Type ‘Live Hold’em’ in the text box and press the ‘Search’ button. Live Hold’em’ Pro should appear as the first result.

Game keeps trying to reconnect/ not responding or freezing; what can I do?

Since this is an online game, an internet connection is necessary for playing. Start by checking your phones network connection. Perhaps you have been disconnected and need to search for a new network. If you can’t connect through your phone providers network, try searching for an available Wi-Fi connection. You may need to change your location in order to get better reception.

If none of the above works talk to your phone provider – they may have been experiencing disconnections in their network.

How can I play from my PC?

You can Play Live Hold’em Pro anytime from your Facebook account.
Just type ‘Live Holdem Pro’ in Facebook’s search bar or simply click here.

Do you use my details or email for spam?

No. We take pride in using the most advanced technologies to protect our users’ security and privacy and believe in  a spam free mailbox. Thus, we make sure that our data base is secure and that our players emails are used for the sole purpose of logging in to the game and requesting support.

Is it possible to sell my Chips to other players?

Selling your Chips to other players is strictly forbidden. Moreover, players who engage in this kind of activity will be permanently banned from the game.

Can I send Chips to my friends?

This option is not available. However you can always share with them gifts or buy them virtual goods while playing

Is it safe to buy Chips or Diamonds?

Every purchase in Live Hold’em pro is processed via Google Billing, which is globally renowned for its high security standards.

Is your game considered to be a gambling service?

Although categorized as casino games, none of our games are considered to be gambling services.
All Dragonplay games are played for virtual currency and do not involve real money gambling.

How can I disable all sounds in the game?

Just go to the ‘Settings’ screen where you have the option of turning off the sound effects, music or vibration.
You can also this in game by clicking on your device’s ‘Menu’ button.

Where can I learn the basic rules of the game?

Don’t know how to play Texas Hold’em?
Just check out our How to play page, and learn everything you need to know.

How can I uninstall the game from my Android device?

We are sad that you’ve decided to uninstall Live Hold’em Pro.
In order to proceed,  just go back to the Android market, search the application, press on ‘Live Hold’em’ and at the bottom of the screen you’ll see the ‘Uninstall’ button. Another way to uninstall is from your phone menu – go to the ‘Manage application’ section and uninstall from there.

How can I uninstall the game from my iOS (Apple) device?

We are sad that you’ve decided to uninstall Live Hold’em Pro.
In order to remove it from your iOS device,  just long-tap on the app’s icon and press ‘X’