Casino Subterfuge: The $1,000 Slot Trick

It’s sitting there. Conspicuous, but not showy; quite visible, but not shouting “hey, y’all – look at me!” a black-tie surrounded by casuals.
It’s not even there (primarily) for playing purposes. A $1,000 a-pull slot machine is usually reserved for the more posh, reserved and secretive high-roller rooms, the ones that are usually barricaded by a velvet rope.

So what is a fully operational one-grand slot machine doing with the rest of machines of “lesser stature?” One word: psychology.

Imagine you walk into a store to buy a suit. Your eyes hit a suit with a price tag of $5,000.
“No way in heck am I paying that kind of cash for that,” says you – and rightly so. But then you look around and suddenly se suits of $100, $200, $300. Now you’re thinking, “Ok, these are a steal compared for one suit at 5K!” right?

On a smaller scale, when you go to a restaurant, open a menu and see items that make you say, “…..! I’m not paying $50 for that! Ah, now this is more reasonable…”

You’ve heard the term “opposites attract?” well, it doesn’t apply only for relationships…apparently, according to research, we humans tend to make judgments based on contrasts (critics said it’s the movie/show is bad? Let’s see it), which can also influence our perception of price.  So if you go, say into a BMW dealership (or Mercedes, let’s not give preference to anyone) with only $80,000 cars lounging around, suddenly cars in the $30,000 look like a bargain.  This effect presents itself (although, like magic dust, you won’t be conscious of it) in your buying decisions.
Same thing with casinos: the 1K machine, although fully playable, isn’t placed in the center of the hubbub for that purpose. It’s there to sneak the fact into people’s mind that there’s plenty of perfectly good $5, $10, $20 machines, to which you should certainly “upgrade” from your current $0.50-$1.00 machines. After all, what’s $5 compared to $1,000…?
On the other side of the coin (did you see what I did there…?) There’s Slot City right on your cell phone. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about subtle number games? All you need to do is kick back and enjoy!