Bingo Etiquette

So you’re taking a walk or in another city and somehow find yourself at the gates of a bingo hall. As a bingo fan, you say, “why not?” and hop in for a daub or two.

Bingo players are usually a cheerful, social lot who will be more than happy to talk you through any bingo problems you might have. But don’t forget that you’re visiting their home turf. Here are some tips to follow to avoid bingo hall pitfalls.

“Talk louder, I can’t hear you!” Although bingo is a social game, and it’s fun to interact with other players whether you play offline or in Wild Bingo, you’ll notice that regular players pipe down instantly as soon as the caller gets down to business.

“My own…my preciousssssss…” keep an eye out for lucky seats: Some players are extremely particular about where they sit. If you grab a seat that happens to be someone’s lucky station…it might be a good idea to vacate that seat. Check that: it would be a very good idea to clear out of the seat.

“Polly wants a bingo! Polly wants a bingo!” Some people tend to repeat numbers as they are called. This might help them concentrate, but it can be quite distracting or annoying (or both) for other players. Try to keep talking and extra noise to an absolute minimum while numbers are being called.

“I’m gonna go medieval on you…” Don’t vent your frustrations on the caller! Like in other games, occasionally, players may go on a losing streak; in bingo, players express their frustration by yelling “change the caller” or making sarcastic comments just loud enough for caller to hear (in other words: shout). Look, the caller doesn’t control the bounce of the balls. If there is a genuine caller problem, try saying, “Louder, please” or “Slow down, please” loudly but politely. If that doesn’t work, take the problem to the bingo manager.

“I have bingo! Oh, sorry, I meant, I have a dog named bingo…” Thinkbefore you call bingo. Calling a false bingo is a great way to get the other players antagonistic on you, especially if they’ve already started tossing away the last game’s bingo cards in frustration.

“Darn, all this cigar smoke and I daubed my forearm again…” Smoking and bingo are inseparable in the minds of many enthusiasts, and in fact, bingo halls may be the last indoor establishments in America that welcome smokers. But for some players, cigarette smoke can ruin enjoyment of the game or even make them feel sick, especially in a poorly ventilated hall. Try to respect the nonsmoker’s space.

Bingo is one of the world’s most popular games: it’s a fun, social game, whether you play on your mobile or you happen to stop by at a bingo hall. The #1 reason people play bingo is simply for enjoyment, And by the by, etiquette applies also when you play online: no shouting (ALL CAPS) please! Follow the simple guidelines, and you’ll have a blast. Those who act rudely will get the call to…G-O!