Beginner’s Guide to Bingo Patterns

Beginner’s Guide to Bingo Patterns

Bingo. The game is simple and easy enough to play: match the numbers called to the numbers on your card (or cards), and when you are the first to daub five numbers in arrow – shout “bingo!” it’s that simple.

Or is it? Recently, there’s been a proliferation of bingo patterns with exotic names that would be understandable only to the veteran players. If you’re a beginner and someone asked if you want to play a Crazy Kite pattern, your first reaction will most likely be, “what the heck are you talking about?” Adding to the confusion, one pattern might have more than one name! In the case of Crazy Kite, it is also known as Magic Wand…

As the popularity of bingo increases rapidly, with and the ability to play on your mobile phone or tablet, so did the amount of patterns and their level of complexity. The addition of complex patterns added a layer of difficulty to the game, but not at the expense of the good old fashion bingo.

If once upon a time you had a single pattern to play with, now you have a Six Pack, Railroad Track, Open House, Inside Diamond, and more and more, making the game more complex than ever before.

There are two types of bingo patterns: the standard patterns and the “crazy” patterns…It’s very important that you pay close attention to your cards in complicated games, or else you may reach bingo and not even realize it until it’s too late. This happens all the time! Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Standard Bingo patterns

They can also be named as static Bingo patterns. The players cannot shift or move the patterns on the card. The players win only if he/she is able to mark all the squares of the pattern correctly. These standard (aka Static Bingo) patterns are simple to play. Examples of such patterns include Airplane, Baseball Diamond and chair.

Crazy Bingo patterns

There is a big difference between Standard Bingo and Crazy Bingo! With Crazy Bingo patterns players can rotate the patterns in 90,180 or 270 degrees, which helps players find a Bingo match and maximize winning chances. Examples of Crazy Bingo patterns include “crazy letters,” Crazy Kite, Crazy Lucky 7, Crazy Bats and many more.

Wild Bingo patterns

Wild Bingo cards are all over the place – literally. The patterns on these cards are static, but can be anywhere on the card. Not recommended for beginners, Wild Bingo cards include Broken Frame, Bugs and Explosion.

Moving Bingo pattern

Ready, set…bingo! A moving pattern is a pattern changes at least once in a game.You can encounter more than one moving pattern in a particular game. For example, after completing a horizontal line, the game could continue with completing two horizontal lines. Therefore, you can win more than once with the same card, if you match more than one pattern.

Blackout Bingo pattern

No fancy tricks here: In Blackout Bingo pattern players are required to mark all 24 squares to win the game. The player who marks all the 24 squares earliest is declared the winner.

Crazy Moving patterns

Static bingo too boring? Feeling a bit “adventurous?” then perhaps Crazy Moving patterns are just the thing for you! While a Crazy Bingo pattern might rotate 90,180 or 270 degrees, a Crazy Moving Pattern also – you guessed right – moves…

Hard to imagine that these bingo patterns are what professor Carl Leffler, who helped New York salesman Edwin S. Lowe formulating the modern bingo cards, had in mind…then again, perhaps that is why he (reportedly) went insane!