…And Bingo was Their Game-O: The Different Types of Bingo Players

…And Bingo was Their Game-O: The Different Types of Bingo Players

Not all bingo players are ‘born’ alike: there are more superstitious players and less superstitious players; loudmouths and quite mouths; complainers and self-professed bingo ‘pros’ who are ‘in to win.’

It’s interesting to examine some of the bingo player type. Unlike in poker, when they can reach cutthroat-level, bingo represents more of a social spectrum and less of a pure gaming spectrum. Not an exact science, they are grouped into the following…

Your friendly neighborhood bingo mate

Usually the first to introduce themselves, always in the thick of things, at the heart of conversations. Like the neighbor everyone on the block knows, this player is outgoing, friendly and social, this is the type of player that attempts to make new friends at every bingo session. On many occasions has an ‘inside’ track on news and scoops from the bingo operator.

The lone bingo ranger

This breed of bingo player is not particularly social by any means.  A curt “yes” or “no” is the usual response you’ll get from him during a game, with as little elaboration as possible. He is in for the bingo, not for the social.

The competitor

You’ll find this player in every tournament and playing for every promotion and jackpot. Usually this player’s name will nearly always at the top of promotion results. Serious about bingo, usually you’ll hear from this player – loudly – when he wins.

The ‘emotional support’ player

This type of player, usually an experienced and a ‘veteran’ of many bingo battles, will lend an ear to those venting frustration at missed calls, false bingos, etc. This is the player to turn to for advice and comfort!

The bingo buddy

Your best friend on the board, the player you exchanged in-jokes with on the chat, you know each other by first name and location.

The extreme competitor bingo player

For him, playing bingo is not simply a matter of fun and games…this type of player has bingo in his or her blood. It’s part of their daily pattern, if you excuse the pun. This player goes into bingo to win at all costs. This addiction, like any other addiction is dangerous and injurious to health. Such players lose their ability to concentrate and strategize to win the game.

The happy-go-lucky player.

This player will play every day purely for the fun of it. He or she knows when ‘to hold ‘em and to fold ‘em’ – when to play and when to call it a day. Not the most social player on the board but not the silent ‘submarine’ either, that plays completely under the radar.  

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